Ground Control to Revolution

Scott Kane scott at
Sun Jun 10 06:58:58 EDT 2007

From: "David Bovill" <david at>

> I for one feel like stopping this thread about open source. I am sure many 
> others do to. Personally, I feel it would be better to speak through 
> action.
> I feel bad about not having published stuff to this community in the past, 
> and was righty critised by Chipp and others, so  I'll take the committed
> step of actually publishing it. The web site has been up since a few 
> months, and the services are all in place to integrate everything into the 
> whichever
> IDE you use - all the code will be mirrored to a common SourceForge 
> repository. If anyone wants to help out, or submit a library, or just take 
> a
> peek - contact me off list.

I'd like to make it perfectly clear that I do not oppose in any way people 
making code available for free (or whole applications or even programming 
languages) if the owner wishes to do that.  I do oppose the doctrine that 
all code should be open and free.

Scott Kane 

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