Imagine a world in which HyperCard had been open sourced 20 years ago?

David Bovill david at
Sat Jun 9 13:16:26 CDT 2007

Ken - I talked to Hugh about doing this work before going off to the states.
I am back now, and quite happy to mirror "Scripter's Scrapbook" to the web
backend I've got up - if Hugh is still up for that.

On 09/06/07, Ken Ray <kray at> wrote:

> Well, there is an online code repository accessible through the
> Scripters Scrapbook with 69 entries in it at the moment, and my
> intention was to mirror those entries on the web, but I haven't had the
> time. Having it in the Scrapbook though is more useful as it uses a
> consistent format, is categorized by language, author, etc.
> Just my 2 cents

On 09/06/07, Chipp Walters <chipp at> wrote:David,

Perhaps a good start would be creating your own website and posting your
> code there with the appropriate license and disclaimers. Start with only a
> few. As people become comfortable with using your libraries, you can start
> adding more. It doesn't have to be a large project unless you really want it
> to be.

 OK - lets give it a try. The web site is up, but I figure it is of little
use until it is integrated into the script editor which is partly done...
I'll work on that now. I guess a question is which library to get up first -
I'll dig up the list of existing libraries and see which one people would
like most to be worked on?

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