Open Source (was Don't you just wish Rev would do this?)

Bob Warren bobwarren at
Sat Jun 9 14:08:58 EDT 2007

Chipp wrote:

>My comments applied to the enhancement request:

"I vote against this...(Can I add negative votes?). This functionality can
easily be had via a plugin someone can write in 10 minutes. I think you'll
create more problems (firewall issues, proxy servers, socket timeouts, etc..)
than the lone problem of a single disgruntled poster."

Hi Chipp,

The aim of my suggestion was to find some means of making bugfixes available to the user at the point when they are ready rather than making him wait for the next version release. The sort of thing I am suggesting is not a novelty, by any means. For example, about 30% of the time when I open up my Photoshop in Windows, the software is automatically updated (patched) in this way. But you seem to accept this idea, which is the essence of my suggestion.

But I am a bit confused as to the meaning of the existing "check for updates" facility. I always took it to mean "check to see if there is an entirely new version of the IDE available". Was this introduced originally with the idea of offering updates in the form of patches too? Or are patches actually available, but as a Studio license holder I am unlikely to have access to them? Can you clarify?

As for whether or not there exists a little dancing icon to automatically inform the user of available patches or new versions, to me this would be a nice touch, but is far from essential. Others do it with no apparent trouble. I really wouldn't mind if it were introduced via plugin or any other viable means of providing the notification.


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