Imagine a world in which HyperCard had been open sourced 20 years ago?

Scott Kane scott at
Sat Jun 9 12:50:26 EDT 2007

From: "Richard Gaskin" <ambassador at>

> Provided of course the license for such code allowed them to use it.
> With literally hundreds of FOSS licenses floating around and new ones 
> being written each week, and considering few if any of these have been 
> tested in court to they are in the end largely speculative, unless the 
> license chosen were unusually simple (like X11) it would require 10 hours 
> of paid legal consultation for every hour of programming saved by such 
> code.  ;)

Well - I've never had anytime for the FOSS licenses.  If I choose to give 
out code to people (and I have as many have) then it's free for them to do 
with as they wish providing they don't just rename it and upload it claiming 
it is their own.  But at the end of the day I'm not naive enough to think 
that that will stop anybody if they are so inclined (and many sadly are so 
inclined).  :-)


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