Imagine a world in which HyperCard had been open sourced 20 years ago?

Scott Kane scott at
Fri Jun 8 23:08:48 EDT 2007

From: "Chipp Walters" <chipp at>

> I remember it well as I had spent a bunch of time creating it, only to end
> up killing it based upon your loud objections of being there first. I
> expected great things from your subsequent offering-- which never came 
> ('in
> 2 weeks' was what  you said). My first introduction to the Open Source
> community.

It's a pattern I've seen in respect of other communities for programming 
tools too.  Yet.....  Funny enough the ones who have a commercial bent (i.e. 
they earn money from it somewhere along the line) take off and become little 
Meccas of source code and tools.  For example:

Here's a summary of what the site holds in terms of source code, products 

Authors total:  4179
Products total:  8703
Files total:  10330

Scott Kane 

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