WAR ON BUGS [WAS Open Source (was Don't you just wish Rev, would do this?)]

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Fri Jun 8 14:47:37 CDT 2007

Bob Warren wrote:

> When you mentioned "the roadmap" I was taken aback. What roadmap? 
> "Enterprise" license holders and those who have the money to travel to 
> conferences are undoubtedly more in the know because they are paying for 
> it, but ordinary "Studio" license holders such as myself have little 
> idea of what Rev plans to do.

Right. Enterprise users are under NDA and so they get more info. It's 
one of the perks. Conference attendees also sign an NDA. I guess the 
best that Studio and Media users can do is trust others when they say 
that things are going along according to plan.

> 1. Is there a need for regular Rev updates or not?

Sure there is. Runtime generally releases 4 to 6 updates per year, which 
is quite a lot for a multi-OS-compatible program. That's one every two 
to three months.

> 2. To know that a bug has been "fixed" doesn't help if the fix cannot be 
> implemented within a reasonable time. Is "turnaround" in this sense 
> anywhere near adequate at the moment?

You can tell which bugs have been fixed by searching the Quality Control 
center, using the "advanced" search option to look for bugs that have 
been fixed since a particular date. Those fixes will be in the next 
release, which will generally be within 3 months or so of the last one.

> If you tell me that such wonderful things are already in the pipeline, 
> then I am very pleased. But Rev didn't tell me.

Nor should they. Few companies release details on upcoming release 
timelines or what's included in them until the release is actually out. 
Can you tell me when the next update of Photoshop is due out and what 
will be in it?

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