Open Source (was Don't you just wish Rev would do this?)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jun 7 21:37:09 EDT 2007

David Bovill wrote:

> But then on the other hand I can't find two more volunteers to do some
>> pretty lightweight scripting on the MC IDE, so maybe not. ;) 
> I'd love to - though as I'm exploring the dual license possibilities I'm not
> sure how to mix it in with GPL code - any ideas?

How to best to manage dual licenses for your own products is something I 
won't be able to contribute much to.  I haven't read the LGPL/GPL in 
years, so I don't know the nuances well enough to have an opinion about 
how such contributions may be used in code bases governed by that license.

But as far as the MetaCard IDE goes, its licensing is dirt simple:

We chose the X11 license since it's about as liberal as you can get 
without going public domain, and allows usage of any part in any other 
work, even commercial products.

While there are a great many areas which could benefit from some 
enhancement in MC, at the moment I have two specific areas we could use 
a hand with, and the other team members are booked with their own parts 
so fresh blood looks like the answer.

If you -- or any of the other open source advocates here -- would be 
interested in exploring new ground in an open source IDE which runs 
under the Rev engine, here's the URL to MetaCard's home where you can 
find links to the latest build and to the discussion list we use for 
coordinating our work:


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