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Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Thu Jun 7 18:08:17 EDT 2007

Think of them as handler locals that
one, are defined as the default at the start of the handler
two, can be set/reset affecting only the current handler
three, expire when the handler does.

This makes calling a series of functions easier, such as

set the itemDel to tab -->does not matter outside of this handler
set the defaultFolder to "Volumes/user/Documents/"  --> does matter

put calcPercent(bytesToK(bytesLoaded(length of imgVar)), freeSpaceOnHD())
into spaceFileWillUse

I don't know all the properties that do this, but it is easy to check.
Maybe the local setting properties are listed somewhere, but I have not seen

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 6/7/07 2:01 PM, "David Bovill" <david at> wrote:

> Being redundantly lazy - I often copy scripts around - resetting the
> itemdelim ensures it woks when pasted into another handler.
> On 07/06/07, Jim Ault <JimAultWins at> wrote:
>> Quick programming note:
>>>   put the itemdelimiter into originalDelim
>>>  ...
>>>     set the itemdelimiter to originalDelim
>> is not necessary the way you have structured your function.  Rev will
>> consider the itemDelimiter at the start of each handler to be the default
>> itemDelimiter, which is usually a comma.
> I have a question though... in a subroutine... ie a function that is called
> inside a handler - are these sort of things reset - or is it only on idle?
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