Launching Visual C++ 2005 Applications

Ken Ray kray at
Thu Jun 7 15:09:39 EDT 2007

On Wed, 6 Jun 2007 20:48:35 -0800, Doug Heywood wrote:

> The only thing I wonder about would be some mysterious parameter I 
> could include in my "open process" statement which would actually 
> stimulate the program to run, but I obviously don't know.

Doug, are you using "open process <app>" or "open process <app> for 
neither"? If you're not using the "for neither" form, give that a try. 
If that doesn't work, the only other thing I can think of is either (a) 
creating a .vbs file that launches the command-line app and then 
execute the VBS from Rev, or (b) write a "launcher" stub application 
with C++/VB/etc. and execute that from Rev, which in turn would launch 
your command line app.

Am I correct that you actually want to *show* the black terminal window 
with your text? Or do you just want to execute the code in your 
command-line program? Because if you don't want to show the terminal 
window, couldn't you just use "shell()" to run your command-line app?

Just curious,

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