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Thu Jun 7 08:11:23 EDT 2007

Hi Richard and all,

Le 7 juin 07 à 02:23, Richard Gaskin a écrit :

> If you had a Home stack in Rev like there was in HyperCard, what would
> you use it for?
> Keep in mind that Rev is a different beast than HC, so let your  
> imagination run wild:  What would you expect to see in a Rev Home  
> stack?

In older times, I have provided to my readers in MacWorld French  
edition a 'replacement' home stack for HC:
In color and working mostly with drag and drop, it added  a lot of  
possibilities compared to the regular 'Home Stack'.

But all this is a question of market:
As for me, I don't need any home stack but I understand well that, in  
some fields (beginners, education, etc.), such a beast would be welcome.
Actually it's easy to make one as a plugin loaded at startup anyone  
could put out or not :-)

It could display different things according to a kind of user level  
from a simple stack launcher to a lib and plugin manager, environment  
info and much more.
The stacks launcher would includes presentation stacks, videos and  
templates for beginners as well as more sophisticated stuff about  
plugins, building externals, etc. according to the user level chosen.
In addition, and it did not existed in HC of course, internet links  
should be included.
As for RevOnline, it would be accessible in all cases directly or  
from the home stack but contents showed should reflect the user level.
Actually it could receive the 'Getting Started' and the user guide  
parts of the current help, the help stack being limited to the  
dictionary/glossary, i.e. all things directly related to the vocabulary.

Just my two cents after two minutes thinking...

PS1. Richard: actually the HC engine inserts the Home script as a  
back script :-)
PS2. In the 'replacement' home stack for HC I mentioned above, a  
section was really appreciated by all users:
"Which vocabulary should I use for..."

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
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