Indeterminate Progress Bar

Derek Bump list at
Sat Jul 28 15:50:40 EDT 2007

Has anyone perfected the art of creating or utilizing an Indeterminate
Progress Bar in Revolution?

The solutions I've come up with are either an Animated GIF, QuickTime
Movie, or via a script that moves the progress image automatically.

Unfortunately they all run into the same issue... updating progress
while the script is running.  Placing hooks into the scripts to update
the progress do work, but it requires the need to constantly update the
object, which increases the size of the script and is a relative pain in
the *you know where*.  A movie requires QuickTime, which is not as
available on Windows as one would hope.  And Movies and GIFs require you
to create the bar for whatever size you need, every time (no resizing).

I'd like something that I don't have to worry about.  Works right out of
the box, and if possible, native for the OS.  Any ideas?

Derek Bump
Dreamscape Software

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