create a html list, but with a char where the image shall be

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Jul 26 14:46:27 EDT 2007

Hi friends,

I often create a html list that look like:
1 TAB some text
0 TAB some other text

and then replace the numbers (first char) with an image of a checkbox
1 = checked
0 = unchecked

This way I can check the clicked imagesourece and change the icon AND  
the number accordingly.

I do this by creating the content first and then set the imagesource  
of the first chars.

This is OK for a couple of lines, but If I want to peed up things for  
a LOT of lines, I can't think of any way
to generate HTML text WITH the numbers as the fist char of every  
line, know what I mean?

  "<p><img src=" & q(1125) & ">	" & "sometext</p>"

Will generate 1000s of lines in millisecs, but where can I put my  
necessary numbers this way?
Maybe this is just a flaw in the HTML text/imagesource implementation  
of Rev?

I hope you understand what I'm after...


Klaus Major
klaus at

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