"load URL" loads entire file in RAM?

Dave dave at looktowindward.com
Thu Jul 26 08:25:03 EDT 2007


If the URL is a (local) file, then it is probably better to use open  
file, read file, close file etc. to access it. But beware it won't  
handle files > 2GBs in size (on Mac OS X, I think there is a  
different limit on other OSes).

All the Best

On 25 Jul 2007, at 20:12, Josh Mellicker wrote:

> I have some questions about "load URL", the docs and my tests are  
> not altogether clear to me on these points:
> 1. "The file is downloaded into a local cache. It does not remain  
> available after the application quits..."
> Does this mean the file is deleted from the hard drive, or simply  
> inaccessible on next run? I seem to have varying results :-o
> 2. "Note:  Cached files consume memory. To release this memory  
> after you are finished with a URL, use the unload command to remove  
> it from the cache."
> Does "memory" mean hard drive space? Or actually RAM? (If hard  
> drive space, I suggest the docs be updated with this term, as  
> "memory" = "RAM" to many people)
> 3. (Apart from the answer to #2) I know "put URL into..." has to  
> load the entire file into RAM... where libURLdownloadToFile does  
> not (and so is much better for large files).
> Does "load URL" need to fit the entire file into RAM?
> Thanks for any illumination!
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