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not a workaround, but a Transcript.. errr.. 
Revolution term for the same thing (ie handling 
menu messages) is


used for popups as well. Menus are actually all buttons in Rev.


from the docs:

Sent to a button when a menu item is chosen from 
the menu associated with that button.

on menuPick theItem -- in a pulldown menu
   if theItem is "Close" then close the defaultStack
   else if theItem is "Quit" then quit
end menuPick

Handle the menuPick message to do something when 
the user chooses a menu item from a button menu, 
or chooses a tab in a tabbed button.

>Thank you, Mark, for responding to my question. 
>Seems I'm a bit ahead of things here. I am in a 
>planning stage of how to address all the 
>concerns of the planned migration to Rev. I 
>remember, or I thought I remembered, someone on 
>this list a couple of years ago indicated the 
>"start using stack" did not work correctly. 
>Perhaps I got that all wrong.
>In playing with a test conversion yesterday I 
>did run into a "DoMenu" script not working. Rev 
>instructions do say "DoMenu" commands won't 
>work. Is there a work a round for the "DoMenu" 
>thingie? Here is one example I'd like to keep 
>the functionality of if possible.
>on doMenu what
>   if what ‚ "Compact Stack" then pass doMenu
>   if longToPath() is in the stacksInUse then
>     stop using this stack
>     send the params to HyperCard -- do the compact
>     start using this stack
>   else pass doMenu
>end doMenu


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