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On Jul 22, 2007, at 11:00 AM, use-revolution-request at  
> From: Mark Schonewille <m.schonewille at>
> Subject: Re: HC to Rev conversion question
> Hi Dale,
> There is no problem using the start using stack command in Rev. What
> exactly goes wrong?
> Best regards,
> Mark Schonewille
> --
Thank you, Mark, for responding to my question. Seems I'm a bit ahead  
of things here. I am in a planning stage of how to address all the  
concerns of the planned migration to Rev. I remember, or I thought I  
remembered, someone on this list a couple of years ago indicated the  
"start using stack" did not work correctly. Perhaps I got that all  

In playing with a test conversion yesterday I did run into a "DoMenu"  
script not working. Rev instructions do say "DoMenu" commands won't  
work. Is there a work a round for the "DoMenu" thingie? Here is one  
example I'd like to keep the functionality of if possible.

on doMenu what
   if what ­ "Compact Stack" then pass doMenu
   if longToPath() is in the stacksInUse then
     stop using this stack
     send the params to HyperCard -- do the compact
     start using this stack
   else pass doMenu
end doMenu

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