Accessing IE history for 'Last Week'

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Mon Jul 23 11:55:02 EDT 2007

On Mon, 23 Jul 2007 14:28:37 +0000, Mark E. Powell wrote:

> specialfolderpath(34) is the folder where Microsoft stores browser 
> history.  Going to that directory in Explorer, you can click through 
> 'Last Week' and see the folder equivalents of what you see in the 
> History pane in Internet Explorer.  
> My question is how can I set the defaultfolder to see inside this 
> 'Last Week' entity, so that I can collect history data and do 
> something with it.

Well, even though Windows will display the History as if it was a 
folder, it really isn't (well actually it *is* (it's called 
"History.IE5"), but it has binary index files in it that you can't 

There is a freeware application called "IE HistoryView" that can be 
called from the command line to spit out the history data to a file 
that you can then open and parse through. The company is NirSoft, and 
you can find it here:

I just tested it to pipe data to a tab-delimited document like this:

  iehv /stab "C:\test.txt"

Have fun!

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