some stuff about languages and web dev. Re: OT: Silverlight - Comments?

viktoras didziulis viktoras at
Thu Jul 19 11:54:02 CDT 2007

Thanks for correcting me Andre!

It is just when I opened and saw familiar titles 
(.NET, AJAX, VB, C#, Python and Ruby) + integrates with existing web 
applications so "..delivering of high quality video to all major 
browsers..." went to the second plan as it is at the very end of the 
introduction. Does this mean that Microsoft now openly competes with Adobe ?

However that's interesting to see Microsoft becoming more and more a 
cross platform player recently... I tend to agree with your post about 
the bubble of in-browser web apps. It is true and correct from 
developers position. However I guess the situation may be quite 
different on users front. People like browsers, they are used to them - 
when you mention Internet, the browsers "archetype" is the first thing 
to associate with it because the browser is such a flexible "thing" 
where you can write of your choice and something will 
definitely pop out with flash, AJAX whatever - user don't cares. It 
works, they are playing flash games (without knowing what the heck that 
flash is...), reading newspapers, buying things there, managing their 
bank accounts, and so on... And many of them are in panic when they need 
to install new application into their PCs. They are scared because of 
security concerns or "if something goes wrong who is going to fix my 
machine?..".  So the bubble may not explode as we expect. One may 
extrapolate that future browsers 10 years from now will be even more 
suitable for application deployment then they are now. But future is 

Best wishes

Andre Garzia wrote:
> Viktoras,
> I think you're mistaken, silverlight is an alternative to flash so 
> it's main
> point is to allow interactive vector animation. The language used for
> programming silverlight is not important, the important part is the 
> feature
> set that will be bundled. The strongest point about Flash is not
> ActionScript (or whatever they call it) but the fact that it is present
> everywhere and that it allows good interactive animations.

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