user agent & revGoURL

Andre Garzia andre at
Thu Jul 19 12:31:05 EDT 2007

I don't think so because the actual HTTP request is done by the external
browser. Now if you want play the hack game you can solve this in two ways:

* Have a CGI that forward your HTTP request changing the user agent field.
This leads to incease bandwidth usage on your server and more network lag
due to the extra step.

* Try to see if with AppleScript has some method to set the user agent of
safari and firefox.

If you're trying to use this to gather statistics, like the RevGoURL is
aimed at your own server, you can add an extra parameter to the url like:


then you can check your web logs for this extra parameter



On 7/19/07, Jim Sims <sims at> wrote:
> I read the following in the docs:
> Use the libURLSetCustomHTTPHeaders command to implement an HTTP
> method other than GET, POST, DELETE, or PUT.
> But - is there a way to send a header list (custom header) when using
> revGoURL?
> sims
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