How can I zip a standalone on Win for mailing to Mac?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Wed Jul 18 01:46:54 EDT 2007


I tried to zip the whole standalone directory with it's structure and all
additional file, like plist and pkginfo and sent it to a Mac user for
testing. After unzipping it he never get it to run with an error message I
just don't have with me. Without knowing, what the Mac unzipper does I think
it doesn't unzip everything in the right directory structure, at least
that's my guess. Sending him a CD with the same directory, everything works
fine, even, when copying all to HD. Whereby I was puzzled to see on the Mac
CD-drive just "one big application file", instead of the folders and files.
Mac is obviously hiding everything beside the app for the user to not puzzle
him? Am I right? But back to my original question, how can I zip and send an
Mac standalone from win to Mac?

Thank for any enlightening on the life of a Mac




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