Paste into field issue

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Jul 17 15:53:02 EDT 2007

Timothy Miller wrote:
> Hi Jacque,
> I'm using the "Harry Potter" page on wikipedia for test purposes.
> By first doing command-A, then judiciously shift-clicking, I have 
> isolated the source of the problem, unless I screwed it up. It appears 
> to be the "In Other Languages" sidebar at the far left side of the page.
> It will paste into my email client. 

I was able to reproduce the problem, but I'm not sure we should call it 
a bug, since it's pretty much just how Rev works right now. The problem 
is that the web page is encoded in unicode. The most reliable way to 
transfer that to Rev is via the htmlText property. This works okay with 
the problem text:

    set the htmltext of fld 1 to the clipboardData["html"]

The htmlText contains all the necessary unicode tags that allow the 
field to display the text. You could script a replacement paste action 
by writing a pasteKey handler that executes the above command, which 
should work with any copied text whether it is unicode or not.

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