Controlling Rev apps from the command line?

Ian Wood revlist at
Tue Jul 17 14:48:04 EDT 2007

On 17 Jul 2007, at 17:52, Jim Ault wrote:

> The reason I did not reply earlier when I saw the post is that I am
> interested but not very familiar with command line, etc.  My take  
> is that
> the environmental global variables $var are owned by apps and  
> cannot be
> directly accessed, but require some sort of permission level code.   
> The
> exception maybe the system globals can be accessed.

I'm mostly interested in command-line parameters when launching the  
app (things like the path to a project file and the output path to  
save the results to), which shouldn't require any permissions beyond  
those needed to launch an app in the first place.

> Imagine your app changing a system $var from "Win" to "Mac"... not  
> a good idea.

To be honest, the environmental variables part has me stumped (and  
doesn't apply to Windows anyway). I *think* it means that you can set  
the value of globals but it's not totally clear. Some test stacks  
will probably make things clearer.

> "control Rev standalones" as you say, can be done by AS and VB if  
> you build
> handlers to trap events sent to the standalone.  This way you can  
> 'set' and
> 'get' parameters and also trigger handlers from the command line.

What I know about Visual Basic could be written on a postage stamp  
and leave rather a lot of room. :-(
I've been through a fair amount of the docs regarding AppleScript,  
but there doesn't seem to be anything regarding VB. Any pointers?

> If we can get a good set of code and example stacks/apps, maybe we  
> could add
> this discussion to the wiki.

Always good! The wiki was set up while I was away at a conference,  
until you mentioned it and I dug back through the archive I didn't  
even realise there *was* one...


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