Need for Speed pps

Beynon, Rob R.Beynon at
Mon Jul 16 17:35:52 EDT 2007

Another round of interesting suggestions...thanks to all...

Apart from the database solution, I tried some of the others which I had the skill to implement - 


1.	Write data to a file instead of a variable
2.	Read search data into a variable from a field


I set up a search of 10,000 queries against 16,000 targets - maybe 100million comparisons


Using a file append rather than putting data after a variable:

4min 57sec using a variable (put)

4min 31sec using a file (write)


Reading the input search list from a field into a variable

4min 57sec using a variable (put) with no pre-read of input field

4min 57sec using a variable (put) with pre-read of input field


So, reading from a field makes no difference, and the gain in writing to a file rather than pitting to a variable is also modest (about 10% gain)


Apart from the fact that I'm still processing about 20million comparisons a minute, which is impressive anyway, it seems as though there are no immediate ways of enhancing processing speed.


Off now to read up on SQL databases...


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