"words" within quotations, smart quotes v double quotes

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Sat Jul 14 21:59:45 EDT 2007

J. Landman Gay wrote:
> Mark Swindell wrote:
>> "How are you?" is considered a single word by Rev.
>> How are you?  is considered three words by Rev.
>> Working with text dialog, how would one get Rev to respond to _"How_ 
>> as the first of three words, _are_ as the second, and _you?"_ as the 
>> third?  I'm thinking I want to change the double quotes for "smart 
>> quotes" or curved quotes before acting on the text, but how is that 
>> handled by Rev?
> Replacing the quotes with single or curly quotes will count as a 
> character and you'll get unusual results (word 1 will be 'How). 
> Replacing the straight quotes with empty will give you the actual text 
> string. Or if you want to get fancy:
>   put quote & "how are you" & quote into tStr
>   put word 2 of the value of word 1 of tStr -- "are"

Re-reading your note, I think I misunderstood. You actually do want to 
include the quote character as part of the word, right? In that case, 
yes, replacing quotes with curly or single quotes will give you what you 

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