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Fri Jul 13 08:05:01 EDT 2007

In a message dated 7/12/07 7:58:18 PM, cszasz at mac.com writes:

> I have tried to use the following script to clear fields but I am getting a
> weird error message in the script editor:
> chunk: no such object
> file
> put empty into field tName
> This is weird because field tName is a variable.
> Here is the script:
> put "name2,examier2,vsmiFld,vsmiFld2,ci1,vsmiFld3,vsmiFld5,vsmiFld4" into
> tNames      
> REPEAT for each item tName in tNames -- Clears all fields
> put empty into field tName
> I don't have to use this script but I hate to empty the fields the long way:
> put empty into field "name2" of card "index"
> put empty into field "examiner2" of card "index"
> put empty into field "vmiFld" of card "Index"
> etc.
> Can anyone tell me why repeat script does not work?

I still consider myself a newbie. Up until now I have used this list to ask 
questions when I get stumped. This question was educational for me too. Up 
until now I would have scripted the above like this

put "name2,examiner2,vsmiFld2,ci1,vsmiFld3,vsmiFld5,vsmiFld4" into tNames
  repeat with R1 = 1 to num(items) of tNames
    put "" into fld item R1 of tNames
   end repeat

Is there any advantage in the other method or is it just another way of doing 
the same thing? Revolution is great in that there’s usually several ways of 
doing something and most of the time that’s the point, Still I’d like to be 
the most efficient.

Thanks again to all the people that contribute so much time to make this so 
very helpful. I’d be lost without all of you.

Joe in Orlando

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