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Mark Talluto userev at canelasoftware.com
Thu Jul 12 18:19:49 EDT 2007

On Jul 12, 2007, at 12:47 PM, SimPLsol at aol.com wrote:

> Mark,
> One more thing.
> I forgot to mention typefaces (which everyone calls "fonts"). Best  
> to use a
> standard typeface which contains all of the unique characters in  
> multiple
> languages - otherwise you may have to switch typefaces even for  
> different Roman
> languages. Of course you WILL have to switch typefaces going from  
> French to
> Japanese.
> I should have said that before.

Hi Paul,

I have been using Arial and/or Helvetica.  Should I be  
reconsidering?  I know nothing about unicode.  I am sure I will be  
forced into it eventually.

Mark Talluto
CANELA Software

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