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Mark Wieder mwieder at
Thu Jul 12 13:00:50 CDT 2007


> could understand what I was trying to say. Sorry about that.  When I  say 
> "launch an app from a browser" I do not mean launch or download  an app on 
> a server and I don't mean anything involving file down or  uploading or 
> anything of the sort.  I don't mean anything involving  any connection to 
> the web or another server or another machine at  all.  I just mean 
> "launch" in the simplest sense of the word - launch  an app that resides 
> on your hard drive.

If you read my reply, that's exactly what I gave you. The example launches a 
stack document that resides on the root directory of the hard drive. I'm 
afraid you or someone else will have to learn some html to get what you want 
accomplished, and even then I'm not convinced you'll be able to launch an 
executable application due to security restrictions of various operating 

 Mark Wieder
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