What I did with Rev last night

Björnke von Gierke bvg at mac.com
Thu Jul 12 06:05:32 CDT 2007

Actually they are folders, and contain images, as well as a rtf file 
with the text (right click and select "show package content").
You can access the rtf file, text edit always names them "txt.rtf". But 
i don't know if that is a norm, or if the name can vary.

script i used:

answer file "select a rtfd package"
set the rtftext of field 1 to url ("file:" & it & "/txt.rtf")

On 12 Jul 2007, at 11:38, Dom wrote:

> Peter Brigham <pmbrig at gmail.com> wrote:
>> and I keep all my recipes in a stack that imports and automatically
>> formats recipes from the web so I can print one out when I need it
> Interesting!
> I do take "notes", me too...
> The simplest way (for me), is to create text files, and access them as
> you like, a text editor (here, TextEdit), a stack which serves as a
> front end...
> speaking of this, I had recently a problem with "text" files stored by
> Sidenote*: in fact, it stores files of "rtfd" type, so Rev cannot have
> an access to them; they are not text files, they are not "folders"...
> *Sidenote shows itself as a little drawer, which pops from the side of
> the screen as the mouse goes there
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