Switch Statement

Rob Cozens rcozens at pon.net
Thu Jul 12 11:14:53 EDT 2007

Hi David,

>I use the switch statement a lot - but only for basic "case" tests and
>have not been able to get:
>    "If the caseValue is equal to the switchExpression, or the
>caseCondition evaluates to true"

Don't forget that switch logic falls through from case to case if 
there is no "break" statement; so

    [put whatEver into switchExpression]
         case caseValue = switchExpression
         case caseCondition = true
                 [case logic]
                 [optional default logic]
     end switch

>working. Here is an example that I just changed from "if then else" -
>whats wrong with it:

You are combining two forms of the switch statement.  By designating 
mainChoice as the switch, the value of each case is compared to 
nainChoice.  Try:

    switch mainChoice
         case "Go to script object"
         case empty
         case "This menu script"
             put the long id of me into scriptObject
         case "Library 1"
         case "Library 2"
         case "Library n"
             put the name of stack secondChoice into scriptObject
         case "Unsorted"
             edit the script of stack "libOPN_Unsorted"
     end switch

This assumes a finite number of libraries with known names.

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