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David Bovill david at
Thu Jul 12 06:05:02 EDT 2007

On 11/07/07, Sivakatirswami <katir at> wrote:
> David, just curious, are you trying to make Rev work like Power Point or
> KeyNote on the Mac where you have the presentation showing on the
> second external monitor and the presentor's private notes on the primary
> monitor?

Yes - I do that quite often - it used to be pretty tricky but now with the
multiple monitor support yu have prety much the control you need  - with the
exception of the boundingRects.

... the stage team, plugs in a projector to the VGA
> output on the lap top. the "big screen" in front of the audience
> becomes monitor 2. (e.g. VGA, 800 X 600) etc.

Yes - you can also use it in a VJ / installation sense - you can have a
library of media on the presenters screen and field questions by selecting
media to be displayed on the projector.

open a presentation where a substack
> automatically appears on the projector screen and the mainstack on the
> laptop.

I'd steat clear of the automatic thing - probably the most useful behavior
is simply to be able to zoom a stack to full screen on the actual screen it
is mainly on - users are used to this with QuickTime and video presentation
tools - but a "presentation" default is not a bad idea too.

It would indeed  all have to happen in a preOpenStack handler(s)

Could do - I have some handlers that I'll put up that would save you some
time. I think the most  general way is to have a palette which you can
select an open stack and then position it in a number of ways. I use menus -
but a visual display of the screenrects would be nice.

... I think...
> I believe PowerPoint senses and fills the entire window, automatically..
> whatever
> it is.

Another thing that helps is to have the elements of you presentation
scaleable so that it works on screens of different sizes - you never know
what size screen you may be required to resent on.

I'll go and find the relevant handlers and post a link to them...

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