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Wed Jul 11 15:42:06 EDT 2007

David Bovill wrote:
> Thanks Eric - that would look like the problem. from the docs:
> The value of the windowBoundingRect is not updated automatically when you
>> change the screen resolution or when you move items such as the 
>> Windows task
>> bar. For example, if the windowBoundingRect is set to 0,0,640,480, it 
>> is not
>> changed if you change the screen resolution to 1024x768. If you change 
>> the
>> screen settings after starting up the application, make sure the value of
>> the windowBoundingRect property is still appropriate.
> Also it looks like windowBoundingRect is not copatible with the new 
> multiple
> monitor support (ie screenrects) - so you cannot specify the
> windowBoundingRect to work appropriately on the different screens.... I
> guess there could be a front "preopenstack" script that detected whcih
> screen a stack is about to open on? 

David, just curious, are you trying to make Rev work like Power Point or
KeyNote on the Mac where you have the presentation showing on the
second external monitor and the presentor's private notes on the primary

I was thinking of tackling this challenge, but it looks like you are
diving in...I'm thinking of a standard presentor's context where Rev is
running on the machine... the stage team, plugs in a projector to the VGA
output on the lap top. the "big screen" in front of the audience
becomes monitor 2. (e.g. VGA, 800 X 600) etc.

at anyrate, what we want is to have Rev already running (even with the
IDE up)
on the primary box. open a presentation where a substack
automatically appears on the projector screen and the mainstack on the
laptop. Or vice versa: the mainstack looks for Screen 2 and appears to
the audience
and then the presentor's private notes in a substack open on Screen 1.

I was just wondering if this is also where  you are going with this...

Am I making sense? I'm surprised that the recipe for this has not
already been worked out by someone.

It would indeed  all have to happen in a preOpenStack handler(s)

KeyNote (and PowerPoint, though I'm no very familiar with PP)
  has an automatic setting that will automatically place the slide
show on the external monitor and the presentor's notes on the internal
monitor on start up of the slideshow. but even for Keynote the presentation
designer needs to know in advance what rect he's designing for... I think...
I believe PowerPoint senses and fills the entire window, automatically..
it is.


> On 07/07/07, Eric Chatonet <eric.chatonet at> wrote:
>> Hi David,
>> Le 6 juil. 07 à 20:29, David Bovill a écrit :
>> > If I change screen dimensions or arrangement on a second monitor
>> > (at least
>> > on OSX) Rev behaves very differently to other applications. Stacks
>> > cannot be
>> > positioned properly and jump around. Specifically if the screen
>> > arrangement
>> > is one in which the top of the second screen is above the top of
>> > the main
>> > screen - any stacks positioned on the second screen cannot be
>> > placed above
>> > the line of the top of the main screen - jumping down. Next if you
>> > make
>> > changes to the screen arrangement so that the larger second screen
>> > aligns
>> > with the top of the main screen (and so extends below), you can
>> > place and
>> > resize the stack using almost the entire second screen - but not
>> > using the
>> > to 20 or so pixels (ie the same area that would have the OSX menu
>> > bar if it
>> > were active on the second screen).
>> Probably you could have a look at the screenRects property (2.7 and
>> later) and, above all, set the windowBoudingRect in order to fit your
>> needs:
>> In the IDE it's set to not allow a window to open overlapping the
>> 'revMenubar' stack.
>> set the windowBoundingRect to the screenRect before opening a window
>> the size of which is the same that the screen is a way to go.
>> Another possibility is to set the loc of the stack to the screenLoc
>> in preOpenstack.
>> Best regards from Paris,
>> Eric Chatonet.
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