launch app from browser

David Bovill david at
Wed Jul 11 08:53:31 EDT 2007

I have done this before - but it was a long long time ago - so maybe someone
else can help you better.... these are the bits of the puzzle I know:

   1. just link to a file as if it were an html page  -   <a href="
   2. Hope and pray that your ISP has their mim-types set to serve this
   file correcltly - this is to do with mime-types and application/octet-stream
   I think is the default and should be fine
   3. The user after clicking on the link will then be presented with a
   dialog to save or open with an application... the user should select the rev
   application you want to associate with the file extension (presumably its a
   ".rev" stack"). How this works is browser dependent.
   4. Further links to files with the same ".rev" file extension will be
   associated by the browser with the application and opened by the

These are the potential pitfalls:

   1. Application is opened multiple times, rather than "documents" being
   opened by the same application - there are ways round this ask on the list
   or search the archive
   2. It's too complicated for the end user to set up. It should be
   possible to get you Rev app to automatically set the browser up to do this
   for the user - but this requires a lot of work to get right for all those
   different browsers and platforms. Anyway its not too hard. Not sure what the
   problems are for obscure browsers - but at a minimum they should all be able
   to download the file.
   3. The mime-types on you server are not set up properly and you get
   text in the browser instead of the option to download - contact you hosting
   provider and talk to them sweetly.

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