launch app from browser

Lars Brehmer larsbrehmer at
Wed Jul 11 07:04:55 CDT 2007

Thanks for the quick reply Stephen!


>> Quick, easy question;
>> I need to launch a standalone from within a web browser,
> Why?

The "why" is easy.  A publisher making a multi-media language course  
is interested in integrating a vocabulary trainer of mine into their  
project.  Their project is not a web app, but it is done in html and  
runs locally on the user's machine in their web browser.  My app is a  
standalone and wouldn't run in the browser, of course, but it makes  
sense to me to be able to click a button or link in the language  
course html document that launches it.  I guess this is just to allow  
the user to lauch my trainer without navigating to it in the start  
menu or finder. Again, I know absolutely no html or java or the like,  
but I somehow assume there is a way to do this, just like clicking an  
e-mail address on a web page launches your mail app, or clicking on a  
link to an h.264 video on a web site launches Quicktime Player  
locally, or clicking a download link on the Veoh site launches Veoh  
player.  And in these three cases a file path is not necessary,  
although if a file path IS necessary, that wouldn't be a problem,  
since their installer would also install my app, so the file path is  

I do use Dreamweaver/Fireworks and have searched through their help  
files for this and found no hint.  And since opening an app via start  
menu - dock - finder etc. is as basic as it gets, I guess this is not  
a big deal.  It is, however, a nice little convenience for the user,  
so I thought I'd try to see whether it is indeed possible.  Any advice?



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