Vista, UAC and Elevation in Rev

Scott Kane scott at
Wed Jul 11 06:07:26 EDT 2007


Not sure if anybody has covered this but a few people mentioned a while back 
something about elevation in Vista so as to get files in the Program Files 
folder to be updateable (ie downloading an updated library stack that lives 
with the main executable in Program Files on Vista).  I've found a way of 
doing this (thanks to a member of the ASP).  It's quite simple (and Vista 
legal).  One simply names an executable charged with the task of performing 
the update to "Update.exe".  This will elevate the app to full Admin and 
produce a dialog in Vista for the Admin to Cancel or Allow the program to 
run.  If allowed the program can effectively download and save directly into 
the relevant Program Files folder.

A Rev style approach might be....

Main executable or library stack checks for an update.

If there is an update execute Update.exe and quit the main program.

Perform update (download and write file to Program Files)

Relaunch primary application.

---   This process does not get virtualized or any other Vista weirdness. 
I've done it successfully with an executable and file written in another 
programming language and it seems to work beautifully.  Have not tried it in 
Rev yet but there is no logical reason why there would be any difference. 
This process means there are no shell requirements beyond executing the 
Update.exe program

YMMV--- test - and test again.

Scott Kane 

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