Problem when filling first line of a field with a text variable

Ken Ray kray at
Tue Jul 10 11:11:06 EDT 2007

On Tue, 10 Jul 2007 14:05:41 +0200, "André.Bisseret" wrote:

>> and I know that it goes there ; the fleld of stack "stackTwo" is 
> actually filled, but infortunately without line 1 of the text I put 
> in the variable.

Do you have a field of the same name on the stack you're starting from? 
If so, is it possible that this is "old data" left over in the field on 
StackTwo and that what's really happening is that it's putting the data 
into the StackOne's field and not touching StackTwo?

If you're answer is "no", does it work if you are explicit:

  put thisText into line 1 of fld "thisField" of stack vStackTwo

And if you get the same result, is it possible that it's something 
simple like the first line of text is scrolled out of sight? Believe it 
or not, you can set the scroll of a non-scrolling field and it will 
move the text as if it had a scrollbar. In that instance, you wouldn't 
be able to see what was scrolled out of sight, nor would you know it 
had done so. So I'd recommend manually going to stack vStackTwo, and 
setting the vScroll of the field you're putting the text into to 0.

And if *that* doesn't work... after you run your code, use the message 
box to "put" the contents of the field that's on vStackTwo into the 
message box and compare to see if what you're seeing in the field on 
the card is the same as that put into the message box.

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