Starting at square one with image processing

James Hurley jhurley0305 at
Sun Jul 8 16:23:38 EDT 2007

Two addenda:

FIrst: Create any image. Use the paint tools to create a little  
black, but keep the paint tools away from the upper left corner. I  
find that the imagedata shows these pixels to be black. The imagedata  
function does not seem to represent images created with the paint tools.

Second: It is also clear, on closer inspection, that Run Rev is not  
fast enough for user created paint tools such as a pencil or brush.  
The poor man's pencil I described earlier is hit and miss if the  
pencil is moved too fast. I presume this is because it takes too long  
to continually reset the imagedata as the mouse is  moved. Best to  
stick to button commands it seems.


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