popup command: bug please confirm?

Ralf Bitter rabit at dimensionB.de
Sat Jul 7 10:33:13 CDT 2007

Confirmed, MacBook Pro 2.33, 10.4.10, Rev 2.8.1 471

How about the following workaround?

Player script:

global gPreviousTarget

on mouseDown
     put the target into gPreviousTarget
     put the long id of btn "_Player Menu" into mButton
     popup mButton
end mouseDown

Card script:

global gPreviousTarget

on mouseDown
    if  gPreviousTarget is "player" && quote & "Player" & quote then
       put empty into gPreviousTarget
       exit mouseDown
    end if
    put the target
end mouseDown

Ralf Bitter

On 7. Jul 2007, at 14:23, David Bovill wrote:
> Looking for a workaround so that controls can be added to a card. I  
> want the
> controls to have their own popup menus and the card to have a  
> different one
> - so that if a user clicks on the card background another menu gets
> triggered. The only way I can think of doing this is to have and  
> maintain a
> transparent button on the card  behind all the controls - which is  
> ugly.
> There is no way to detect i the card script as every mousedown message
> appears to come from the card.

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