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Hi David,

Le 6 juil. 07 à 20:29, David Bovill a écrit :

> If I change screen dimensions or arrangement on a second monitor  
> (at least
> on OSX) Rev behaves very differently to other applications. Stacks  
> cannot be
> positioned properly and jump around. Specifically if the screen  
> arrangement
> is one in which the top of the second screen is above the top of  
> the main
> screen - any stacks positioned on the second screen cannot be  
> placed above
> the line of the top of the main screen - jumping down. Next if you  
> make
> changes to the screen arrangement so that the larger second screen  
> aligns
> with the top of the main screen (and so extends below), you can  
> place and
> resize the stack using almost the entire second screen - but not  
> using the
> to 20 or so pixels (ie the same area that would have the OSX menu  
> bar if it
> were active on the second screen).

Probably you could have a look at the screenRects property (2.7 and  
later) and, above all, set the windowBoudingRect in order to fit your  
In the IDE it's set to not allow a window to open overlapping the  
'revMenubar' stack.
set the windowBoundingRect to the screenRect before opening a window  
the size of which is the same that the screen is a way to go.
Another possibility is to set the loc of the stack to the screenLoc  
in preOpenstack.

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Eric Chatonet.
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