scripting challenge Contest ?

Sakari Ruoho runrev at
Sat Jul 7 02:41:22 EDT 2007

Cheers Brian for your kind and encouraging words. It's always nice to 
know that I am working in a community where people do support each 
other, so I don't feel like criminal when I post my code in here ;) Big 
ups Revolution lists! :D

- Sakari

Brian Yennie wrote:
> Sakari,
> Looks like a clever approach! I haven't had a chance to try it out, 
> but it looks to be a nice combination of techniques. Anything I post 
> here is up for grabs, unless I specifically say otherwise (and I never 
> have). Especially when the group is working on a challenge, I'm happy 
> to see someone adapt something that I post.
> We were all "noobs" once, including myself. Keep at it, and please 
> feel welcome to chime in and contribute. Often some of the newer 
> people come up with the most novel approaches - us old hats may be 
> clever once in a while, but we're probably also set in our ways =).
> - Brian
>> I probably suck on this since I'm a noob, but the nevertheless I had 
>> fun with this one.. :D This is not optimized so it might have some 
>> overhead. I also nicked a piece of code from brian's one and changed 
>> it to my needs, hopefully you can forgive me ;)
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