PDF files handling

Bryan McCormick bryan at deepfoo.com
Wed Jul 4 18:39:01 EDT 2007


This may have been answered long ago. Maybe not. What I have is a 
collection now approaching thousands of academic papers. I would like to 
be able to read the titles of these papers (usually nicely isolated on 
page 1) into rev and associate the title with the file name. In other 
words, build a simple topic to file index. I have no idea how to even 
start this in Rev. Or even if it is all that good an idea.

Why do I want to do this?

First, so that the papers can be more easily cataloged.

Second, once cataloged, I want to be able to do my own annotations and 
what not. The plan actually is to generate a catalog page in HTML so 
that people in the office can browse the papers more easily on the 
server share.

Oh, and I would prefer not to have to run another server process to 
index them, etc.

Can Rev do such a thing (easily) or am I destined to pick up the light 
version of Google's indexing server?

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