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Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Tue Jul 3 18:06:51 EDT 2007

On Tue, 3 Jul 2007 22:21:37 +0200, Björnke von Gierke wrote:

> I seldom make applications, but I've run into these problems when I 
> tried to make my first os x standalone this year:
> 1. command-q does never produce closestackrequest.

No, and I think it may be a documentation issue - closeStackRequest is 
only sent when the user clicks the closebox on a window that has one, 
or is told by the current Window Manager (whatever that is at the time) 
that a window should close. It doesn't happen due to the results of a 
script, which is how you're able to quit at all (is by script). Only 
'closeStack' AFAIK is sent whenever a stack closes, and for any reason 
(user or script initiated) - unless it's being trapped and not passed 
by a frontscript or if lockMessages is currently on.

> 2. closing the stack does leave the application running (as long as 
> there is any other stack in memory).

Yes, this is typical behavior on a Mac - you can close all the windows 
of an application and still leave it open. So if you're still showing 
*your* menus, they have to come from a stack that is loaded in memory 
and so it won't quit.
> Therefore I had to use three messages (reposted below). Please 
> someone tell me that I missed the one correct message for 
> intercepting quitting and saving a stack :(

Yup, and in fact you can see how it's done here:



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