AW: casesensitive doesn't work with Umlaute on Mac

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Tue Jul 3 13:23:40 CDT 2007

Additional question: If I wouldn't store my text in a user property, but in
a field, the charset would be converted to Mac when creating the Mac
standalone. Do you think that could give a other result as ISOtoMac(), or
does anybody know if internally happen the same things. In that case I
wouldn't have to redesign my app and had to live with the bug?

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I have an other phenomenom, which works on Win perfect but gives other
results on Mac standalone. I am looking for a searchstring in a textfield
with lineoffset(). Before searching I set the casesensitive to false, so
that I can search with lower and upper cases. Everything works perfect in
all situations on Win and Mac besides the one single german Umlaut character
“ö” (o with double point). When entering the lower “ö” into my search sting
the lineoffset() doesn’t find the words with upper “Ö”. The funny thing is
that it works with the other german Umlaute even on Mac and with all Umlaute
on Win. The field datas are stored in a user property and converted with
ISOtoMac() before loaded into the field. Could this phenomenom be a bug in

Thanks for your thoughts





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