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I think it is only called soccer in the US and that the rest of the world
called it football. But we're talking of the game that involves two groups
of players chasing a little ball with nike making millions.
you know, we call soccer an art form in here, in some cases it's a martial
art form, the last time I played I lost a shirt and a watch during the
play... I still remember the referee yelling to someone: "no, you can't put
your foot as high as the head of the other player, no matter if he is
shorter than you!"

And for those that are not into soccer in here, there's money to be made
with soccer fans. Check it's a social network for soccer fans.
Also check games like Elifoot (old) and Championship Manager, both could be
done in Rev and they sell nice figures.

For example here there's what is called "pelada" which is the same word as
used for the naked form but used in the sense of a field without grass.
People will often play "pelada" which means they are gathering a group of
very non professional players and playing in an impromptu field. Like kids
do. This is how people play here. Now, some guys created a website called "" where you can register your team, enroll in leagues and
championships. The website keeps scores, statistics, photos and the like.
The basic idea of the site is to arrange matches between the teams, but it
also hosts a nice social network.

this website made the news all over Brazil, they have thousands of teams,
leagues, championships. it was not hard to create and it has a huge public.

There's in Manaus a championship called "Peladão" (ão in portuguese means
big) where 522 teams compete against each other. Each team has it's queen
and a miss peladão championship also takes place, both competitions are
linked so if a team is loosing but his miss is favored by the public, the
team goes back to the top of the chart and is back on the game! 11 players
and a miss! :-D

now imagine, manaus is jungle, too near the amazon. 522 teams, 522 beautiful
queens, in the jungle competing in a field that is more mud than grass...

there are things, only Brazil will do for you!

PS: I never been to manaus, it's cheaper to go to florida also, my father
who worked there for a while told me you need to sign non aggression
agreements with the mosquitos or they will take you away at night so many
they are.


On 7/3/07, Scott Kane <scott at> wrote:
> From: "Andre Garzia" <andre at>
> >  At least here credit is where credit is due, england invented football,
> > not brazil...
> You mean "soccer".  Football is really a game called "Aussy Rules" where
> by
> we take the ball and *kick it*.  Bouncing it on your head would be very
> painful and possibly fatal.  <vbg>
> Scott Kane
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