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Andre Garzia andre at
Tue Jul 3 10:09:10 EDT 2007

the airplane was invented by a brazilian while he was in paris, and by
airplane I mean something heavier than air that lift itself and propel
itself by its own means and is controllable but again, most americans think
they invented the airplane. Sometimes, I wonder how weird must be an
american history book. At least here credit is where credit is due, england
invented football, not brazil...

>From the mail Mark sent, in the URL there was some centuries old pencil from
some guy named Faber, here I use Faber Castell pencils, is this the same
guy? :-O

Just like Levis jeans, when I finally learned where that brand come from, I
was amazed how things can survive age....

it's morning here, I need more coffee, which also was not invented in Brazil
but we take it as the national drink anyway.... and talking about coffee, is
very hard to drink real world strong coffee overseas. In the US it tastes
like water or it is flavoured, in england it's beer and they serve it by the
pint, could never find coffee but always found guinness. In paris it was
coffee but it was priced as gold....

here, on a simple bakery, a little cup of coffee, good coffee costs about 13
US Cents and thats what I need now.. actually, I want a cappuccino which I
don't know where it was invented but I learned to like in the U.S. by going
to starbucks (and my father said: "that. is. not. coffee.")

Good morning to all, it's actually pleasant to wake up and say hello to my
favorite list.


On 7/3/07, Richmond Mathewson <geradamas at> wrote:
> Well, the fact that there is some anniversary for
> pencils made in The United States of America (that is
> what I take Mark Weider to mean; as most citizens of
> the USA forget about the other American countries in
> their rush to take over the world) is nothing special:
> and as a Scot who, like most Scots labours under the
> impression that everything was invented in Scotland -
> I have to confess that pencils seem to have been
> invented in England:
> No doubt there are also anniversaries in Canada (which
> is an American country) for the first kilt sewn in the
> Yukon, and the first Gumbo served in Prince Edward
> Island; but the modest Canadians forebear!
> sincerely, Richmond Mathewson
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