[ANN} Writing (not drawing) with the pencil

James Hurley jhurley0305 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 2 17:52:53 EDT 2007

I originally  thought it would be useful to see if Run Rev could  
mimic ads I have seen on television in which an animated pencil is  
used to write a signature at the bottom of a page of text.

Alas, it was not to be. Couldn't find a way to  convert the alphabet  
to Run Rev graphic  objects.

Maybe someone has some ideas.

In any event, here are some examples of the pencil in animation.

In the message box run:

go url "http://home.infostations.net/jhurley/WritingWithPencil.rev"


P. S. This works best in Run Rev 2.6. The pencil took a beating in  
subsequent upgrades.

P.S. If the number one pencil in America is the No. 2 lead pencil,  
why is it No. 2?

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