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william humphrey shoreagent at
Mon Jul 2 15:20:20 CDT 2007

I found the missing stack by opening all the substacks one by one and
ignoring the fact that runrev claimed they were not substacks, saving
everything and then re-opening. Then the missing stack turned up
renamed something else.

So if the application browser had continued to work the whole time
this would have been easier to figure out.

This is also something which I hope to never repeat so I don't see how
it can be a "repeatable bug"

But for other newbees (since this has happened to me before) usually
when a stack disappears it is because it got renamed somehow.

On 7/2/07, william humphrey <shoreagent at> wrote:
> I just read the support page at RunRev. Wow, doesn't come cheap.
> I just spent the whole day working on a stack which has thirteen
> substacks. For some reason one of the substacks disappeared. I figured
> it just got renamed or something but when I opened the main stack
> again all the substacks were gone. I found that I could go to a
> substack but it wasn't a substack any longer.
> I am using galaxy which I thought made automatic back-ups but I can't
> find those either.
> I know things are seriously awry because the main stack is not visible
> in the application browser although it is open.
> Is there some RunRev preferences Revolution Studio 2.8.1 that I should
> start erasing?

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