which one is faster marking cards or custom prop + lineoffset?

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Sun Jul 1 12:43:36 EDT 2007

I have a questions, I have a database made with cards, each card is a
record. To query this database, I use the following procedure:

I have a custom property with a cache of the fields I'd like to query, for
example in a phone book, I have a custom prop named "name" that holds names
and card long ids pairs. To search, I'd use lineoffset to find the name in
the custom prop, get the long id and jump to the card. This works very very
fast! :-D

The downside is that I need to think in advance and pre-cache everything
every time the stack changes, which for my db is not an issue because it
doesn't change much.

Now that I know about the mark cards command, I wonder if this is fast. I
could use it or I could make a combination of both, like if there's a cache
for that query, then use it, if there ain't no cache, use mark cards to

The database change very little, so if I can move computation from query
time to edit time, it's an advantage to me. Anyone want to say a word or

For example in a 3k cards database, looping the cards looking for a record
took 802 millisecs. To use a custom prop cache and the filter command, it
took 11 millisecs to find the same results. I didn't tried the mark cards
command yet.


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