Deleting files on Vista

Ken Ray kray at
Sun Jul 1 12:30:30 EDT 2007

On Sun, 1 Jul 2007 11:17:30 +0100, Dave Cragg wrote:

> But there are a few settings that are intended to work globally for 
> all users on the computer and these settings should only be made by 
> someone with "admin" rights on the computer.  "admin rights" are 
> considered to be anyone who can write to the app folder within the 
> Program Files folder. The app tries to write a small file to the same 
> location as the executable at startup. 

Ah, this is the problem.. :-) Writing this file makes it virtualized 
into the currently logged-in user's VirtualStore.

> If this succeeds, the user is 
> considered an "admin" and can make the global settings. These 
> settings are written to a config file in the Application folder 
> (presumably in Program Files).
> This worked very nicely in XP, and generally fitted in with the 
> various security/installation policies at different companies.
> But Vista produces these results:
> Writing a file to the application folder appears to work for all 
> users, so all users are able to make the "global" changes.
> The "global" changes in fact are written to the users Virtual Store, 
> and so don't apply to everyone.

That's correct - anything that gets virtualized ends up being 
virtualized for only that user... so until we get a tool that lets our 
apps get elevated permission levels on Vista (hint, hint, RunRev?), we 
cannot install in a universally accessible area to all users without 
having someone with a specific set of permissions log in and do it.

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