number of colornames?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Feb 11 18:25:34 EST 2007

wayne durden wrote:

> the number of lines of colornames() returns 552
> however as I iterate through the lines using something like
> line i of colornames()
> by the time I am at 552 I am nowhere near the end...

By what means are you iterating through the list?  Can we see that code?

> I realize what is probably going on is that there are often 4 or so
> variations on a single name like firebrick, firebrick1, etc.
> What is confusing is why the "number of lines" and "line i of" aren't in
> agreement.  And assuming I do want to get all of the variations, how should
> I set up the loop other than "repeat with i=1 to the number of lines of
> colornames()"?

Do you want to run through all possible colors, or only the subset of 
possible colors which have names?

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