Engelbart and Kay --was: Back to the Future with Hypercard

j downs downs.david.j at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 16:14:50 EST 2007

If all you want to do is sell Rev to that small niche (perhaps even
smaller than the potential niche of the ed market!) of savvy
programmers who aren't afraid to use something other than the
commonly-accepted programming languages of C/++/#, Java etc., then
fine; but if you want to open up Rev's installed user base into other
areas, these HC-like stacks are a must have.

About two billion school-age children worldwide.  More than 120  
million students in higher education.  These markets have been  
neglected—strike that, completely ignored—by those who create the  
tools to develop software since the late '90s.  Why no one wants to  
tap this enormous revenue stream is beyond me.


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