the char number of char 1 of word x

Brian Yennie briany at
Sat Dec 29 18:40:19 EST 2007

For your specific example:

put length(word 1 to 4 of myText) - length(word 4 of myText) + 1
put (the number of chars in word 1 to 4 of myText) - (the number of  
chars in word 4 of myText) + 1

Unfortunately there is no direct chunk expression like:
"word 1 to char 1 of word 4 of myText"

As Jim mentioned, it might be instructional to know what you are  
trying to do. Depending on your needs you might also look into the  
offset() function.

> On 12/29/07 2:33 PM, "Randall Lee Reetz" <randall at>  
> wrote:
>> Ok, my fault, i'll tey to be more specific.  Every char in a  
>> string can be
>> rrferenced by its count in the string.  Char 5 of "my love" is  
>> "o".  So if i
>> want the char count of char 1 of word 2 of that same string i  
>> should get 4.
>> How do i construct an argument for the count of a char as  
>> referenced by
>> another chunk description (other than char)?

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